SUP Yoga

Experience the practice of yoga united with the sport of Stand up Paddleboarding.

Our Water Dog SUP Yoga classes are designed for every BODY and experience level. A fun blend of relaxation and balance, your standup paddleboard(SUP) is your floating yoga mat. Practicing on a moving surface provides a new perspective to being fully present in the moment, bringing emphasis to core and balance in the beauty of your natural surroundings.

Classes begin with a brief board, gear, and paddle stroke orientation. Then we paddle to a tranquil spot on the water and anchor our boards. Under the setting sun, we will become centered on our boards experiencing the gentle movement beneath us. Class continues with a flowing sequence of poses, which may be slower than a land-based yoga class as we find our stability, focusing on body awareness and alignment. We conclude each class with relaxation, or savasana, perhaps dipping your fingers into the water as you allow yourself to find stillness.

Surrounded by birds, breezes and the sounds of nature, we find steadiness and ease on the water.

Classes are led by RYT and ACA Certified Instructors, and assistants.

Water Dog Yoga

Go with the flow... SUP Yoga is an amazing way to combine the natural serenity of yoga and water in one practice. We will teach you traditional yoga poses on a stand up paddleboard that will help strengthen, tone and stretch while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. SUP Yoga is great for your mind and body. Join the fun!

  • Stand Up Paddleboard experience is encouraged
  • All classes are suitable for beginner to expert
  • All poses are progressive with options
  • Class size limited
  • Special Thanks to Rich Young for outstanding photographs!