Basic Stand Up Paddleboard Class (SUP) (Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding)

Start here! Taking the Basic SUP class is a great way to experience the world's fastest growing water sport! Taught by ACA SUP Certified Instructors, classes start on land, addressing water safety involving SUP, board anatomy and design, gear, reading water conditions, and “rules of the road”. Next, we teach you how to find your balance on your SUP: stances, how to hold the paddle, proper launching and exiting technique, and how to safely fall off your board and climb back on.

Finally, we demonstrate the basic strokes that you will need to navigate your SUP in the direction you want to go: the forward stroke, how to switch sides with the paddle, an easy turning stroke and how to stop.

Then it is your turn! We assist each participant onto their board; you’ll never be alone! We’ll practice the basic strokes, and help you become comfortable with the sensation of dynamic balance.

We have no more than 4-5 students per instructor so we can keep an eye on how everyone is doing. We paddle alongside each student, giving individual coaching on stance, stroke, turning, or just to check-in to see that they are feeling at ease on the water.

Students are encouraged to take breaks on their board whenever needed. Have a seat on your board, dangle your feet in the water, or jump right in! After learning and practicing several strokes, we link it all together on an extended group paddle to end the lesson. You may be surprised at how much more comfortable you feel on the SUP by the end of the class, and when you go out for another paddle! We are always available to answer your questions and to offer individual coaching as needed. Classes are held on calm water, all equipment and stand up paddleboards are provided.

Splash Course

ADVANCED SUP!  After you have some time on a stand up paddleboard, even just a few hours, join us for our development series. Splash is a course designed for those whom already know how to stand and paddle, but want to improve just a little bit more, or a heck of a lot more!  Splash is a journey, not a destination. Each 2 hour class will be tailored to the skill levels of the individuals and can adapt as experienced skills are reinforced for optimum efficiency, and new skills are added to your grey matter.  This course will be taught at optimum times of the day to cover topics such as, preparing for boat wake, falling safely, gracefully and under control, signs of changing weather, how to read wind, improving your Stand Up Paddle forward stroke, advanced balance and stance changing as well as safety and how to properly assist others in your group!  Splash is SUPer fun, interactive and appropriate for basic experience through expert!  Each Splash course you take, will push your skills even further, so every class will and should be different.  This course should push your boundaries for balance and technique right to the edge!  Prepare to get wet!  Prepare to Splash!

  • Suited for your goals
  • This class is designed to be a series to help grow your skills!

Whitewater SUP

A whole different way at looking at Stand UP! Most of this class is about whitewater river reading skills, and your SUP, proper gear for falling, and fun!

  • Previous whitewater experience is strongly encouraged, but not necessary
  • This SUP class will be done with the appropriate water level for safety
  • Ages 15 and older
  • Helmets will be provided
  • Youths must be accompanied by an adult

Private Lessons

A truly go at your own pace class!

  • Upon request
  • We will try to accomodate your schedule. 
  • Generally Monday mornings - mid afternoon or Saturdays at noon work pretty well.

Pack Paddle Night

It’s not just about paddling; it’s about building the Paddling Community. Now that you’ve learned basic SUP skills, of course you want to paddle more! Our group Pack Paddle nights are a great way to meet other SUPers and to try paddling many different types & makers of boards (before making the investment). This year we are rescheduling any Monday evening that has severe weather to another open night of the week, instead of cancelling, so watch for updates! Pack Paddles are led by ACA Certified Instructors, but there is no (or limited) instruction provided. These evenings are strictly for fun, practice and community!  Monday Nights in Richmond!

  • Must have completed beginner class or have your own gear!
  • Usually lasts about 2 hours
  • If you have your own gear this event is FREE!
  • If you wish to attend, just use the Book Now page to reserve your spot for your rental gear!
  • Monday Nights - Richmond Area

SUP and your Pup

You love to standup paddleboard (SUP) and you love your dog! Ask us about bringing your favorite pup out on the water for tours and Pack Paddle Nights!

Birthday Parties / Corporate Team Event / Special Requests

We certainly won’t dress as a clown, or make balloon animals but we can referee games on the SUP’s and make sure everyone has such a great, safe, fun time! Summer season only!

  • Birthday parties on your lake, special events with approved water access
  • Time and Date must be prior approved – 30 days notice for your site
  • Depends on weather
  • 2 hours on-site – water time varies- but we strive to maximize
  • We provide up to 10 boards/paddles/PFD’s
  • Ages 12 and older